1. Birth of Prince Dara Shukoh at Ajmer.

2. Emperor Akbar as a source of inspiration - Dara in the Ibadat Khana at Fatehpur Sikri - sees apparition of Akbar. Aurangzeb turns away in derision.

3. Dara invites Emperor Shah Jahan, and his brothers to the underground chamber of his new haveli. Aurangzeb's distrust and jealousy come in the open.

4. Dara Shukoh presenting a carved railing for Keshva Rai Temple at Mathura. Later, Auranbzeb orders (1666 AD) demolition of the temple.

5. Two contrasts – Dara Shukoh with Sufi Saints; Aurangzeb, destroying the temples.

6. Dara Shukoh with the Christian Fathers.

7. Dara Shukoh besieging the Qandahar Fort (1653 AD).

8. Dara Shukoh in conversation with Baba Lal (November 1653).

9. Dara Shukoh presenting his album of miniature paintings to his wife Nadira Banu.

10. Shah Jahan confers the title of Shahzada-i-Buland Iqbal and special honours on Dara Shukoh (February 1655), Aurangzeb's indignation and hate for Dara heightens.

11. Prince Dara in conversation with a Hindu ascetic. "Aurangzeb in derision calls Dara a Kafir while Dara calls Aurangzeb a Namazi".

12. Dara Shukoh, his sons performing namaz in Red Fort mosque in Delhi.

13. Trial of Dara in absentia - Aurangzeb closeted with the Ulama and nobles in his confidence who issue a Fatwa recommending execution of Prince Dara. Roshanara Begum, a strong partisan of Aurangzeb and who supported the decision, looks on.

14. Dara Shukoh translating the Upanishads in the company of Pandits and Sanyasis (1657 AD).

15. Khalilullah Khan reading a secret letter from Aurangzeb. Betrays Dara Shukoh in the decisive battle of Samugarh (May 1658).

16. Dr. Bernier examining Nadira Banu's pulse. Fugitive Dara looks on (March 1659).

17. Malik Jiwan welcomes, and, later, betrays Dara Shukoh (June 1659). Nadira Banu's bier being taken to Lahore as per her last wish.

18. Emperor Auranbzeb examining the severed head of his elder brother, Dara Shukoh (30 August 1659). Roshanara Begum looks at her brother's head with curiosity.

19. Aurangzeb sends Dara Shukoh's head to their father, Shah Jahan, then in confinement in the Agra Fort (September 1659).

20. The Legacy of Dara Shukoh.

21. Dara Shukoh learning calligraphy from his teacher.

22. Dara Shukoh accompanied by Emperor Shah Jahan meets Miyan Mir for the first time (April 1634).

23. Dara Shukoh welcoming Sarmad (1654 AD). Later, Aurangzeb putting Sarmad to death on the charge of apostasy.

24. Dara Shukoh interceding to save Malik Jiwan's life. Malik Jiwan later betrays Dara Shukoh.

25. The Mewar envoys with Dara Shukoh seeking his mediation (October 1654).

26. Two scenes of Sulaiman Sukoh's marriage with Rao Amar Singh's daughter from the sister of Mirza Raja Jai Singh of Amber (April 1654).

27. Shah Jahan bidding Dara Shukoh adieu, never to see each other again (18th May 1658).